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Adaptive Value Chains

Below is the full list of product categories (bold text) and product components that are available for you to choose from when entering your supply chain information.

If you can't find the category or product component you are after when using the Climate Chains tool, browse this list to see what is available. 

Additives and other home ingredients
Baking soda (bicarbonate), dry powder
Cream of tartar, dry powder
Gelatine, powder, unflavoured
Lecithin, soy, granules
Other additives
Vanilla, all types
Yeast, dried, bakers, compressed
Herbs, seasonings and spices
Beef, extract
Herbs, dried, semi-dried, basil, coriander leaves, parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano, other herbs
Herbs, other, fresh
Herbs, paste
Salt, cooking, flavoured, rock, sea, table, iodised, non-iodised
Seasoning mix, dried, paste
Spices, dried, whole, ground, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seed, cumin, curry powder, ginger, mustard powder, pepper, turmeric, other spices
Stock, dry powder
Beverages, alcoholic
Cider, apple, alcoholic
Other alcoholic beverages, not elsewhere classifie
Port (fortified wine)
Rum, dark & light coloured
Sherry (fortified wine)
Wine, red
Wine, white
Beverages, non-alcoholic
Beverage base, chocolate flavour, drinking chocolate, malted milk, meal replacement, sports supplement
Cereal beverage, powder or granules
Cocoa powder
Coffee & chicory essence, concentrate
Coffee whitener, dry powder
Coffee, from ground beans
Coffee, instant, dry powder or granules
Cordial base
Juice concentrate
Juice, fruit, fruit blend, vegetable, vegetable blend
Other non-alcoholic beverages, not elsewhere classified
Soda water
Soft drink
Sports drink
Tea, herbal
Tea, regular, leaf, tea bags
Wine, de-alcoholised, white, red, sparkling 
Biscuit, savoury
Biscuit, sweet
Bread and Bread Products
Bread, from white, wholemeal, rye, other flours, gluten free
Stuffing, bread-based, commercial
Breakfast cereals
Breakfast cereal, beverage
Breakfast cereal, dry, corn, mixed grain, oat bran, rice, wheat bran, whole wheat
Muesli, toasted, untoasted
Oats, rolled, boiled
Rice porridge
Cakes, slices and other battered products, mix, baked, homemade, commercial
Flours, Grains and Starches
Barley, pearl
Buckwheat groats 
Bulgur (burghul, burgaul) 
Cornmeal (polenta)
Couscous, fresh
Flour, arrowroot
Flour, chickpea 
Flour, cornflour 
Flour, rice
Flour, rye
Flour, soy
Flour, wheat
Gluten, from wheat
Millet, fresh, boiled
Other flours, grains and starches
Quinoa, red, black, white
Rice, bran
Rice, brown 
Rice, flour 
Rice, white 
Rice, wild 
Starch, potato 
Wheat bran 
Wheat germ 
Noodles and pasta, rice, wheat, other flour, fresh, dry
Pastries, pies and tarts, baked, ready to eat, dry mix, commercial
Dressings, Pastes and Sauces
Gravy, prepared, commercial
Mustard, cream style
Pastes, curry, spice, concentrate, shrimp, miso, other pastes
Powder base, dry mix, casserole, gravy
Sauce, condiment, marinade, prepared gravy, cooking
Cream, milk
Custard, dairy
Dips, flavoured, sour cream based, cream cheese based
Ice confection, water-based, milk-based, various flavours
Ice cream, gelato, cassata
Milk, canned, evaporated, sweetened, condensed
Milk, cow, fluid
Milk, goat, fluid
Milk, powder, cow, goat
Other dairy or yoghurt dessert
Yoghurt, natural, flavoured
Dairy and meat alternatives
Ice confection, non-dairy alternatives
Meat alternatives, vegetarian style, sausages, patties
Milk, non-dairy alternatives, soy, rice, fluid
Soy beverage, beverage base
Tofu (soy bean curd)
Yoghurt, soy based, with mango
Edible oil spreads
Dairy blend
Margarine, spread
Margarine, cooking
Fats and oils
Fat, animal
Fat, solid, animal, vegetable, blends
Oil, almond
Oil, canola
Oil, cottonseed
Oil, grapeseed
Oil, macadamia
Oil, maize
Oil, mustard seed
Oil, olive
Oil, other
Oil, palm
Oil, peanut
Oil, rice bran
Oil, safflower
Oil, sesame
Oil, soybean
Oil, sunflower
Oil, vegetable oil blend
Egg, chicken, white (albumen) only
Egg, chicken, whole
Egg, other 
Apple, dried
Apple, fresh
Apricot, canned
Apricot, dried
Apricot, fresh
Banana, dried
Banana, fresh
Blackberry, fresh
Blackberry, frozen
Blueberry, canned
Blueberry, fresh
Blueberry, purchased frozen
Cherry, black, canned
Cherry, fresh
Cherry, glace or maraschino
Cranberry, dried
Currant, dried
Custard apple, fresh
Date, dried
Fig, dried
Fig, fresh
Fruit salad, canned
Fruit salad, fresh, commercial
Grape, table, fresh
Grape, wine, fresh
Grapefruit, fresh
Guava, fresh
Jackfruit, fresh
Kiwifruit, fresh
Lemon peel
Lemon, fresh
Lime, fresh
Loquat, fresh
Lychee canned
Lychee, fresh
Mandarin, canned
Mandarin, fresh
Mango canned
Mango, fresh
Melon, honey dew, fresh
Melon, rockmelon (cantaloupe), fresh
Melon, watermelon, fresh
Mixed fruit, dried
Mulberry, fresh
Nectarine, fresh
Orange, fresh
Other fruit, processed
Other fruit, fresh
Passionfruit, fresh
Passionfruit, pulp, canned
Pawpaw (papaya), fresh
Peach, canned
Peach, fresh
Pear, canned
Pear, fresh
Persimmon, fresh
Pineapple, canned
Pineapple, fresh
Plum, canned
Plum, fresh
Pomegranate, fresh
Prickly pear (dragonfruit), fresh
Prune (dried plum)
Quince, fresh
Rambutan, fresh
Raspberry, canned
Raspberry, fresh
Raspberry, frozen
Rhubarb, fresh
Strawberry, canned
Strawberry, fresh
Strawberry, frozen
Indigenous Foods
Flower, rosella (native)
Lime, native, fruit
Microcitrus australis, finger lime, fruit
Other indigenous plant foods
Plum, davidson (native), flesh
Quandong, fruit, flesh
Wattle seed (acacia)
Bean, dried, red kidney, cannelini, lima, soya, mixed
Beans, canned, red kidney, cannelini, soya, mixed, baked, other
Chickpea, canned, drained
Chickpea, dried
Lentil, canned
Lentil, dried
Other legumes, not elsewhere classified
Pea, split, dried, boiled
Meat and Meat Products
Chicken meat
Crocodile meat
Duck meat
Emu meat
Kangaroo meat
Other game meat
Other poultry meat
Other meat, not elsewhere classified
Pigeon (squab) meat
Processed meats, bacon, hamburger, salami, sausages, ham, pate, corned beef
Quail meat
Rabbit meat
Turney meat
Nuts and seeds
Coconut, fresh juice
Coconut, fresh, flesh
Coconut, grated & desiccated
Coconut, milk or cream
Nut, almond
Nut, brazil
Nut, cashew
Nut, chestnut
Nut, hazelnut
Nut, macadamia
Nut, peanut
Nut, pecan
Nut, pine
Nut, pistachio
Nut, walnut
Other nuts
Other seeds
Seed, pumpkin
Seed, sesame
Seed, sunflower
Tahini, sesame seed pulp
Pre-packaged Meals
Pre-packaged, frozen meals
Pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals
Seafood and Seafood Products
Fish, canned
Fish, fresh
Fish, frozen
Fish, smoked
Marinara mix
Mussel, blue, green
Other processed fish and seafood
Other seafood, not elsewhere classified
Prawn, cooked
Prawn, fresh (green)
Squid or calamari
Snack Foods
Bar, muesli
Bar, snack or breakfast style
Chip or crisp, mix of grains
Chip or crisp, soy
Corn chips
Extruded snack
Fruit, leather
Other, snack foods
Potato crisp or chip
Soup, canned, condensed, ready to eat
Soup, dry mix
Spreads, savoury
Other savoury spreads, not elsewhere classified
Peanut butter
Spread, yeast
Sugar, confectionery and sweet spreads
Chocolate based confectionery
Intense sweetener, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose
Jam and marmalade, all flavours
Spread, hazelnut & chocolate flavoured
Spreads and toppings
Sugar based confectionery
Sugar, brown, fresh, white
Syrup, golden
Syrup, maple
Topping, chocolate
Topping, fruit flavoured
Artichoke, canned
Artichoke, fresh
Asparagus, canned
Asparagus, fresh
Avocado, fresh
Bamboo shoot
Basil, green, fresh
Bean, broad, butter, green, red, fresh
Beetroot, canned
Beetroot, fresh
Broccoli, fresh
Broccoli, frozen
Brussels sprout, fresh
Brussels sprout, frozen
Cabbage, bok choy, fresh
Cabbage, chinese, fresh
Cabbage, fresh
Cabbage, mustard, fresh
Capsicum, canned
Capsicum, fresh
Carrot, canned
Carrot, fresh
Cassava, fresh
Cauliflower, fresh
Cauliflower, frozen
Celeriac, fresh
Celery, fresh
Chicory, fresh
Chilli (chili), fresh
Chives, fresh
Choko, fresh
Coriander, fresh, leaves & stems
Cucumber, fresh
Eggplant, fresh
Endive, fresh
Fennel, fresh
Garlic, fresh
Garlic, paste
Gherkin, pickled
Ginger, fresh
Ginger, paste
Guacamole, avocado dip
Kohlrabi, fresh
Leek, fresh
Lettuce, fresh
Melon, bitter, fresh
Melon, hairy, fresh
Mixed vegetables, frozen, boiled or microwaved
Mushroom, canned
Mushroom, dried
Mushroom, fresh
Olive, green, black
Onion, mature, fresh
Onion, pickled
Onion, spring, fresh
Other vegetables, fresh, not elsewhere classified
Other vegetables, processed, not elsewhere classified
Parsley, fresh
Parsnip, fresh
Pea, green, canned
Pea, green, fresh
Pea, green, frozen
Potato, canned
Potato, frozen, chips, fries, wedges, gems
Potato, mashed, dried powder
Pumpkin, fresh
Radish, fresh
Shallot, fresh
Silverbeet, fresh
Snowpea, fresh
Spinach, fresh
Spinach, frozen
Sprouts, fresh
Squash, fresh
Swede, fresh
Sweet potato, fresh
Sweetcorn, baby, canned
Sweetcorn, creamed, canned
Sweetcorn, fresh
Sweetcorn, kernels, canned
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen
Taro, fresh
Tomato, canned
Tomato, fresh
Tomato, paste
Tomato, sundried
Turnip, fresh
Watercress, fresh
Zucchini, fresh
Other miscellaneous food, not elsewhere classified
Other non-food product, not elsewhere classified
Agricultural inputs
Fodder, including hay, legumes, grains, compound feed, other
Insecticides and pesticides
Machinery and equipment
Manures and fertilisers
Other farm input material, fencing, sheeting, others
Seeds, for propagation
Packaging and labelling material
Cardboard and paper-based packaging
Complex packaging
Glass packaging
Labelling material
Metal packaging
Other packaging and labelling material
Plastic packaging
Animals, live and whole carcase (carcass)
Cattle, live
Chicken, live
Crocodile, live or carcase (carcass)
Deer, live
Duck, live
Emu, live
Horse, animal
Kangaroo, carcase (carcass)
Other farmed animals, not elsewhere classified
Other game animals, carcase, live
Other poultry, carcase, live
Pigeons, live
Turkey, live