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Adaptive Value Chains

Adaptive Value Chains Self-Assessment Tool

Understand your value chain's climate risk exposure

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Add your own data for personalised reports

Create supply chains for your products.

It’s easy to set up multiple supply chains for a product using our Climate Chains tool. 

Once you’ve logged in, you can create a product, then drag points in your chain onto a map.

Identify climate and weather events that affect each stage of your chain. 

If a stage in your supply chain has been negatively affected by an event, log it. 

Evaluate how the event affected your chain, directly and indirectly. The more detail you give, the more accurate your exposure report will be. 

Access your exposure report.

Gain insights that allow informed decisions for your business. 

Understand the most vulnerable stages of your chain based on your data. Know which times of the year exposure is highest, and where. 

Make science work for you

We continue to build our knowledge around adaptive value chains through partnerships with industry. To be part of finding new ways to manage risk in value chains, contact us. There are many ways to be involved. 

Get to know more about the project and how businesses have contributed.